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everyone an aggregator

Author:David Detlefsen
Posted:10/29/1999; 3:53:44 AM
Topic:everyone an aggregator
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I have to admit, that I haven't kept up with the status of My.Userland functionality for the masses (can I get the latest version to set up my own My.Userland?). Last I heard/knew, there was a 'final' release of code for this sometime in late May and we (frontier users) were encouraged to use and extend on our own.

This doesn't work well for me (I am programatically challenged and doing this is not my full time job). Furthermore, having my content aggregated at My.Userland is not an option. The information that I would include is proprietary (pharmaceutical drug discovery - wrath of god type stuff). Finally, I believe many people (especially where I work) will need to see their own information aggregated before they understand how powerful this can be.

I have been able to get an aggregation site running that uses my own content but it's mid-year technology: I see the current My.Userland site and drool.

So, what are the chances of opening up the My.Userland code again? I can only imagine the issues that must be dealt with (continued development, support, do you charge for it) but I could sure use it and I suspect many others could too.

Dave Detlefsen

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