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Author:William Crim
Posted:10/29/1999; 7:15:19 PM
Topic:Internet time
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I worked in the IT department at WSU as well, and I have to say that for all the problems, the Semester based deadline saved on aggravation. We could impliment systems and have them Fully Tested(tm)(as well as student programmers ever "Fully Tested" anything) :-) (Give Trish a hug for me)

I used to hear about businesses who only upgraded their systems every 3-5 years and I used to laugh at them and poo poo them for their seeming ignorance. Now that I have worked a little at building Databases freelance and now have a "Real Job", I begin to appreciate how much freedom those real life timelines give you. The regular users seem to feel much more comfortable when they know they won't have massive retraining every 6 months. :-P

NOTE: I am only talking about work related computing. Even if a user spends their life programming in COBOL for 1980s era mainframe, they will always find an excuse to get their machine upgraded so it can run the latest game/web browser/70MegStarWarsTrailerSomeIdiotDecidedToMailEveryoneInsteadOfPuttingItOnTheirSharedDrive. :-)

If I went to live in a Monestary(hopefully one who's Brothers made fine wine) and then came back down the mountain a year later to join the world again, here is what I would find.

1. People will still bitch about Microsoft and their crappy OS(es) 2. Most people will still scramble to upgrade to the latest crappy Microsoft OS. 3. Despite numerous self-inflicted gunshot wounds to its feet, Apple will occasionally have hit the coveted target of "Lasting Innovation" squarely in the bullseye. 4. Mac fanatics will compliment Apple it on its marksmanship, while cleaning up the blood. 5. The current version of Netscape/IE will still not fully support the newest HTML spec. 6. a handfull of truly revolutionary programs/ideas/protocols/languages will take hold. All of these ideas will be simple, elegant, and fairly easy to learn.

After a year's absense, if I can't get back up to speed on all the "worthwhile" changes on the Internet within a month, then I wasn't really suited for this line of work anyway. :-)

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