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Re: What's in it for you?

Author:Chris Palu
Posted:10/29/1999; 8:37:36 PM
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I have to say that I'm getting slightly annoyed by this discussion.

Dave, I enjoy reading your views on and davenet. They're thoughtful and enthusiastic - the latter being one of my favourite things to see in people regarding what they do - and relatively frustration-free.

Sure, sometimes I don't agree totally, and now and then I think you've got it all wrong. I can see how people might take your confidence in your vision the wrong way too. But does any of that bother me?


Because the reason I read what other people (like yourself) have to say is not to hear them echo my own thoughts, but to look at the world from their eyes. To be shown what's important to them... what they think, not me. At this, you are damn good.

But now here comes the 'however' part....

However, it bugs me that stupid people are irritating you so much, and taking up so much of your time and energy. Now, I'm not as old as you, but I've already become used to the fact that the majority of the population say stupid things regularly.

I ignore it, because I'm not interested in their views. For the most part, it has ceased to irritate me. What does bug me though, is when people who I'm interested in hearing from and about, expend so much time and energy being irritated by things that they don't respect.

There's been a number of times recently when I've agreed in part with the person who you've chewed out. Unfortunately, when you respond to these people and ideas you don't respect, you do it with hardly any thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. It's painful to watch someone get worked up about what they consider to be ants.

Please stop.

Thanks, Chris Palu

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