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Response to Shafer's article

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/30/1999; 7:30:17 AM
Topic:Response to Shafer's article
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Thanks Dan!

Here's a piece about XML-RPC and SOAP by Dan Shafer of Builder.Com. Reading the piece, I want to thank him for the evangelism, but I have to correct some of the statements here, because they could lead to misunderstandings.

"XML-RPC specification first promulgated by Winer and his community of developers has been released for public consumption"

Actually the specification for XML-RPC was a collaboration between Microsoft, Developmentor and UserLand, in March-April 1998. There were minor enhancements to the spec as the Python implementation came on-line in January 1999, but since then the spec has not changed.

"Scripting News makes an XML-RPC-compatible version of its daily news feed available for other sites to use via the new IAC mechanism. There are a number of sample implementations of the XML-RPC protocol. "

This is not true. We make an RSS version of our daily news feed available. This has nothing to do with XML-RPC. We have an XML-RPC based feed of over 400 publications. That has everything to do with XML-RPC.

"UserLand's Winer is a member of the IETF's HTTP Working Group"

Not true.

That's it

Otherwise it's a great article, thanks!

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