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Apple's failure to link to UserLand

Author:Dino Morelli
Posted:10/30/1999; 8:40:36 AM
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Another BTW, isn't it amazing how, after all these years, Apple still doesn't link to Frontier? What did we do that offended them so? (We continued to enhance our Mac product, all the way thru the 90s, often leading them into markets that proved very lucrative for them.)

I seem to remember a while ago you writing something about when Apple first took their links for UserLand off their site(s). I'm not remembering clearly, but I thought it had to do with your talking unflattering things about Apple and Jobs. I vaguely remember a blurb in a DaveNet or something about it.

Now, I don't know much about Steve Jobs aside from the popular opinions. But I've heard things like we all have. Wouldn't surprise me if it's almost totally an ego thing.

This sort-of touches on my ages-long problem with Apple. The attitude. You're either with the religion or you're an enemy. Perhaps I make it sound more black-and-white than it is, but I always got a bad vibe from the company and from "Mac people" close to me. Didn't want to have too much to do with it for that reason.

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