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Re: Apple's failure to link to UserLand

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/30/1999; 8:49:23 AM
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It wouldn't surprise me if it were a matter of me stepping out of bounds, at least as far as their view of what a software developer should do. Once they've made their move, all of a sudden every bit in every program we've written should reprogram itself to work the way their spec says it should. Give the New Apple a lot of credit, they don't waste a lot of time with those Grand Visions anymore. They're focusing on making products that users want to buy.

I still think some of that lives at Apple, the Who Does He Think He Is attitude, some of which I get right here on the DG. For better or worse, I will probably always be the kind of person people say that about. Whatever. My software still sells Macs, though, and between adults, that's probably all that should matter.

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