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Re: Apple's failure to link to UserLand

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:10/30/1999; 9:42:55 AM
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I think most of the problem goes back to the timing for the introduction of Frontier. At the time Frontier was introduced, Apple did not have the AppleScript product. UserLand was way ahead of Apple and had (has) powerful ways to control Macs on the same machine and across the network or even across an AppleTake Remote Access connection. I was controlling Macs around the world in 1993 using Frontier and ARA.

At the time of Frontier's introduction, Apple was in their "Not Invented Here" syndrome. For several prior years, and until Jobs returned that attitude prevailed. I was an Apple Developer from 1983 to 1990 and saw that attitude develop firsthand.

I think if Apple had today's current attitude back then, Frontier would have been given much more support.

The comments that Dave Winer often makes about Apple is not that much different than many other developers noted. He should not be singled out. I might suggest that Dave consider a formal letter to Steve Jobs asking for a dialog on the topic. And that letter should remain private between the parties, IMHO.

Times change. Steve Jobs changed. Apple's changed. New opportunities await for the appropriate plan.

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