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Re: Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG

Author:Ken Dow
Posted:11/1/1999; 6:44:13 PM
Topic:Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG
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I also went through the Spectra documentation on Allaire's site - at a client's request - and wrote a brief report based on what I saw. To be fair, I haven't used Spectra but I have used Frontier (up to 6.1b11). Here is an abbreviated and lightly edited version of my findings:

Price (US Dollars):

Content Management Differentiators:

Workflow & Automation Differentiators:

Security & Membership Differentiators:

Content Syndication Differentiators:

The relative strengths of Frontier and Spectra are partly due to their origins. Frontier began as a scripting system with a built-in object database, while Spectra has its roots in the ColdFusion products for connecting databases to Web sites. The key points are as follows:

Frontier 6.1 Notes:
The pending release of Frontier has clean and comprehensive Web interfaces for installation and Web site setup. In my experience, these greatly reduce the Frontier knowledge required to get a site up and running. 6.1 has defined roles for Managing Editors, Contributing Editors, Members and Visitors. It includes a packaged site setup including a news page, story area, integrated discussions, site wide Web-based page editing, bulletins (email notification) and new/discussion archiving via calendars - all via the Web browser.

PS. I've been running a Frontier-hosted weblog for a couple weeks at

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