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Re: Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG

Author:Ivan Care
Posted:3/29/2000; 3:35:43 PM
Topic:Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG
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Ken wrote:

> Content Syndication Differentiators:
> Frontier: Open RSS syndication format support,
> in use by hundreds of content partners,
> remote automation via open specification
> co-authored with Microsoft (SOAP: Simple Object
> Access Protocol)
> Spectra: None

This is false. Spectra has a VERY rich Syndication model built on an open source initiative: WDDX. ( It is also in use by many content partners, including

Ken also wrote:

> Flexibility - Frontier is difficult to match in this
> area, because it includes and is largely created from
> its own scripting language (UserTalk). It is easily
> extended and modified via scripting or through DLLs; in
> fact some of its most powerful features have come about
> this way. Spectra can be customized to some extent, but
> not to the same degree as Frontier.

Spectra relies on ColdFusion for it's flexibility, which is one of the most robust web application languages around. It's flexibility is definitely a HUGE strength.

Just wanted to add my two cents. Both products sound very good, and Frontier's price certainly beats out Spectra's. ;-)

Spectra was written to compete with very high-end systems like Vignette StoryServer and BroadVision, which run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. Since its debut, at last count 160 customers have bought Spectra, that's versus 550 customers total for Vignette. I think they have a good chance, given their track record with ColdFusion, and given their company roadmap.

I am in no way affiliated with Allaire, I've just studied these systems a lot and wanted to offer a little more info. ;-)

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