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Re: What's the most reliable Whois out there?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/2/1999; 3:56:21 PM
Topic:What's the most reliable Whois out there?
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The server to talk to is:

This was in a PDF document on the site you pointed to,

From there it's pretty clear how to proceed. It tells you which WhoIs server to talk to, on the third line in the response:

   Domain Name: USERLAND.COM
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS3.CONXION.NET
   Name Server: NS4.CONXION.NET
   Name Server: NS1.CONXION.NET


I updated our WhoIs interface to use this information, and now it can find, which is registered by CORE, not NSI.

The relevant bit of (new) code follows:

local (nicserver = tcp.examples.whois (domainName, ""));
local (pat = "Whois Server: ");
local (ix = string.patternmatch (pat, nicserver));
if ix != 0 {
	nicserver = string.delete (nicserver, 1, ix + sizeof (pat) - 1);
	nicserver = string.nthfield (nicserver, "\n", 1)};
whoResult = string.replaceAll (tcp.examples.whois (domainName, nicserver), "\n", "\r\n")

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