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Re: What's the most reliable Whois out there?

Author:John West
Posted:11/2/1999; 3:33:11 PM
Topic:What's the most reliable Whois out there?
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Try pointing to

The "breakup" of NSI has resulted in a bit of confusion with regard to whois. Each registrar's whois server only contains information about the domain names registered with that registrar. The Registry whois database contains all the domain names (each name is registered through a registrar with the Registry).

I'm a NSI employee, but I'm not speaking for them in any capacity. Actually I wrote the Registry whois CGI script, and I did it so that anyone who has any kind of whois lookup tool that uses the http interface that used to live at can just replace with and it will work. Or rather, it should. It's been a while since I worked on it, and NSI the registrar is no longer allowed to have any contact with NSI Registry so they may have changed it and I wouldn't know.


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