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Re: Connection Problems

Author:Sidney Markowitz
Posted:11/3/1999; 10:06:50 PM
Topic:Connection Problems
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Dave mentioned on the Scripting News page that the problem seems to clear up every night arond 5pm and resume the next morning. We'll see in a few more hours.

Regarding Connexion asking people to submit traceroutes... What are they thinking? A search for the word "traceroute" on Yahoo! brings up a page full of sites that allow traceroutes to an arbitrary address to be run from your browser from starting points all over the world. You can even run hundreds at once with the Multiple Traceroute Gateway at, and get a large list of traceroute gateways at

Note that if you choose a lot of traceroute starting points at once on the site you can end up with a screen that looks like a series of horizontal bars: Those are frame box divider bars that can be click and dragged to see the actual data.

I don't have a chance to run the traceroutes and submit them during the day when the problem occurs. Maybe Connexion could do the work, or somebody else can do it for them and submit the results.

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