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Collab filtering at

Author:Walter Logeman
Posted:11/6/1999; 5:54:04 PM
Topic:Collab filtering at
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I have just begun to use my.useland and it is doing well for me. Getting better news than ever.

Am I right in that as this grows, I will just get more and more stuff to switch off if i want to keep it useful?

Many years ago we came up with an *idea* called 'I like This' see: we almost succumbed to an entrepreneurial seizure, but just at that point firefly came out and we realised it was called collaborative filtering. The idea is that my choices place me in a group of buddies, and I get the things my buddies like. It is not 'feature based' but socially determined.

I don't think any one has made good use of it really so far. Intel had a go with something called CoolURL.

Somehow I think it could really go well with my.userland I am not a programmer, but it can't be that hard?

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