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Re: Day without Weblogs

Author:Dan Lyke
Posted:11/15/1999; 11:56:57 AM
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Since my name's been taken in vain in this thread, I'll pipe up: Instead of this nebulous "World AIDS Day" celebration (and I use that word deliberately), on December 1st I'm going to have a bunch of links to sites which commemorate artists who died of AIDS related symptoms and sites which provide safer sex information.

Both of these are types of sites that are in the purview of my weblog anyway (although I'll probably be more liberal about my selection criteria than normal), and this answers several of the criticisms of "World AIDS Day" and A Day Without Weblogs that I expressed in For A Cause.

Incidentally, while it's easy to come up with links about how we've lost so many artists to AIDS, it's been pretty difficult to come up with memorials to those artists (or even their names, in some cases) and celebrations of their work, all the more reason that I prefer my strategy.

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