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Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:11/16/1999; 4:43:39 PM
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They're filtering through their servers (eg )

or closer to home:

What's their range of Ip addresses?

According to men and mice,

From looking at my server logs, they are passing thorough the browser signature: ip: Hmmm, matches the men and mice pretty closely.

agent	string:	Mozilla/4.61 [en] (WinNT; U)
code	number:	200
host	string:
pathargs	string:	
searchargs	string:	
size	number:	3516
threads	number:	2
ticks	number:	24
time	date:	11/16/99; 4:24:42 PM
url	string:	/

And a little script to get rid of their class C from my web server. This resides at config.mainresponder.callbacks.controlAccess.blockCallTheShots (this is on a real recent version of frontier, YMMV)

if client beginsWith "216.34.6." {
	scriptError("You are Not Allowed, this is my server and I call the shots.")}

Poof, no problem, although it would be more fun to redirect them....

if client beginsWith "216.34.6." {

Or direct them to the copyright code, or some other destination.

Active servers are fun.


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