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Traffic Analysis from posting on the DG

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:11/24/1999; 10:45:07 PM
Topic:Seattle FUG
Msg #:13282 (In response to 13276)
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In the 12 hours since the link to the report on the Seattle FUG meeting, It has been mentioned on Scripting News and the site.

I see 36 reads of the original DG message, of which 17 ended up clicking through to my site. Additionally one person came through using the interface.

I see 143 reads of the report itself, and about 800 extra hits on my site as a today. About 300 of those are the one link (text + 1 image), the rest are people poking around for a while.

Of those, perhaps 5% are AvantGo users. This surprised me, but on reflection, the SN home page is syndicated to AvantGo format, so it's not too surprising. Scalable content is good.

The conclusions? Write something interesting and get it on this microportal/weblog/whatever this is, and you will get some traffic.


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