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VelociNews - weblogs?

Author:Jeff A. Campbell
Posted:12/2/1999; 8:33:51 PM
Topic:VelociNews - weblogs?
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Hiya all -

Today I had the distinct honor of Dave creating a VelociNews newspage. :>

Dave mentions liking Pitas better, and I can see numerous reasons why (although I'm a bit biased toward VelociNews, seeing as I created it). It's a more mature system overall, whereas my system is still being broken in.

Right now it's aimed more toward traditional 'newspages' that you would find on a regular web site (four or five items total, updates semi regularly). Weblogs tend to have numerous smaller entries without tons of headers getting in the way. You can do this decently with VelociNews, but you have to dig through the customization section.

So, I'd like to get any and all feedback from Dave or anyone else who has used it. I've got tons of ideas, but I'd like to see what the top 2 or 3 missing features are that people want (off the top of my head, I can think of better documentation, a post editor, and a better stock layout). I really want to make this something that people find useful, so let me know what you think...


- Jeff (

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