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Re: There's more than One Way to Market Content Mgmt Software

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/13/1999; 5:50:15 PM
Topic:There's more than One Way to Market Content Mgmt Software
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Dave, when I first got into the software business, the idiots in the minicomputer business sniffed that no one would ever use the "toys" we were creating. We ended up having the last laugh. Our business model is to come in the back door the same way personal computers did, undermining the idiots that bought Vignette, the same way Apple II's undermined data-center guys. I figured out my business model when Dan Shafer told me how long it would take to make a change to the production process on the Builder.Com site. "We can do much better than that," I said. We're going to kill Vignette and iSyndicate. They're the dark side. A temporary anomaly to be routed around, with glee.


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