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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/27/1999; 5:06:22 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: 4 Days to Y2K. "I'm soooo confused."

Philly Future: "What would it take to make Philadelphia a place you would want to live in?" No comment.

Ooops, the evil twin is back! ";->"

Kate Adams has taken the lead in organizing the Manila Arts and Science Festival. She says "OK boys and squirrels."

Mercury-News: Top PR Blunders of 1999. "After an 81-year-old woman stepped in front of a grain truck insured by Great West and was killed, the company sued her estate for negligence, seeking $2800. 'I'm not paying them for killing my mom,' the woman's daughter told the Wall Street Journal. 'I'll sit in jail first.'"

Sample: Text Hit Counter Server. "It's a way to add dynamic content to statically served pages."

With over 1111 EditThisPage.Com sites, the siteRankings page was getting a bit ridiculous, so we replaced it with the Top 100 page. Some people are surprised that we can host 1111 sites on an NT 2000 server. I guess I am too. Frontier's object database is (coincidentally) 11 years old. It was the third implementation of the basic algorithm. So far to my knowledge the database hasn't lost any data. Praise Murphy!

Dare I say it? I wish Phil Suh would finish his work on the Builder Live site before the end of the millennium. It's the number one site and it's really in embarassing shape. I offered to upload the pictures for him. Oy. I can also keep plugging Marc Canter's site and hope he displaces the Builder Live site.

Any Allaire Spectra users here? Would someone like to start an EditThisPage.Com site to study Spectra?

It seems that Louis Leigh is asking if there are any standard XML formats for email messages.

It's a boy! "After a long and difficult birth, mother, child and father are happy, healthy, and exhausted!"

A beautifully designed family website.

A comment on Slashdot about software patents. "I love Google, but I hate the idea of patenting a search algorithm."

Jakob Nielsen: Predictions for the Web of Y2K.

NY Times: News organizations find footing on web.

4 days to Y2K.

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