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Re: The name "url" is not defined?

Author:Andrew Duncan
Posted:12/28/1999; 2:01:24 AM
Topic:Problems registering?
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Good question, to which I can only reply, I don't know.

There are no docs AKAIK about how to format a news page for best results.

Is there a specific format which must be used on the news page, to ensure that valid XML is generated?

Perhaps the scriptingnews2.xml script is "sample" code, and the expectation is that I will tweak it to suit. But I don't understand how this could work for an site.

What impact do the settings for autoparagraphs, activeurls et al have on the process?

Remember that this is vanila manila, the XML is generated by one Userland script, and consumed by another. No blame there, just an observation.

Re the image tag, I've also tried it with no images at all, no tags at all and a few other variations. Same result, I'm sad to say.

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