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Re: My.Userland and relative image src links

Author:Jason Levine
Posted:1/4/2000; 12:29:25 PM
Topic:My.Userland and relative image src links
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Aha! My mistake entirely.

Nonetheless, it's still a bit of a problem -- it's much better (not to mention more portable) to make links to one's own website relative rather than absolute, and My.Userland ends up munging them. (For example, my item on today's page re: the referrer log points to on the 6:00 AM page.)

This can be solved either at the my.userland end of things or at my end -- the script that generates the XML can prepend the site URL to any links that are relative, or My.Userland can do it. (And, as always, I hesitate to change that script on my box, since any future update by you guys will overwrite it.)

Does this seem reasonable?


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