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Re: My.Userland and relative image src links

Author:Jason Levine
Posted:1/4/2000; 1:55:20 PM
Topic:My.Userland and relative image src links
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Portability was only one example, though, of why I like relative URLs for self-referential links. Another good reason for them is so that you can move whole parts of a website to a different hierarchical location (say, moving /subsection/tools to /tools) and have all of the links to areas within that section still make sense. As I've had to make shallow various deep folders that become increasingly used, I've been happy that I had relative links in the documents in those folders -- it means a lot of searching and editing that I didn't have to do.

I know that this one isn't an enormous issue with Manila, since most Manila sites are dynamically generated from scripts from the get-go, but I'm starting to add actual content to my Manila root now -- subtables and sub-subtables, and my preference is to not have to specify absolute URLs into all that content.

Mind you, I'm happy to edit my copy of the XML-producing script to add the base URL to the relative links, but what I fear is that I'll be starting to have to watch for updates from Userland of that script, and then re-patch the updated version to re-enable my desired behavior. (I *like* the automated updates every night, and not having to worry about them!)


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