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AIDS vaccine

Author:David Theige
Posted:2/3/2000; 1:00:07 PM
Topic:AIDS vaccine
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From today's Scripting News: Did you hear that a trial of an AIDS vaccine was announced at Davos by the CEO of Merck? The trial started on 12/27/99.

Brent was asking questions about this issue on Tuesday. I responded on his DG.

The integrase inhibitor announced recently by Merck is not a vaccine. I have no doubt that Merck and others are doing preliminary work on a vaccine as well.

A story from CNN cut to the chase: "Scientists are meeting this week in San Francisco to learn the latest ways to treat AIDS and fight the HIV virus that causes the disease...Also this week, experts are expected to present several studies on an HIV vaccine, which is still years away from being fully developed."

Medscape is publishing daily summaries from the 7th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections taking place this week in San Francisco. A talk on "Progress in Vaccine Development" was scheduled for yesterday (2/2/2000), but the summary is not yet available on the web. Registration required.

I'll provide some follow-up when I have more information.

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