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scriptingNews outline for 2/4/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/4/2000; 1:16:02 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/4/00
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DaveNet: How to Make Money on the Internet.

Lots of links from Lance on today's Davos Newbies.

Dan Gillmor: Social Justice on Davos Agenda.

News.Com: Scripting and Hacking.

MSNBC: AOL Secrets Leak.

Although the screen shots have been taken down at the original site, has a mirror.

NY Times: Ford Offers Workers PC's and Internet Service for $5 a Month. "Includes color monitors, speakers, technical support and ample capacity for workers and their families to create their own Web sites." Good thinking!

Nick Denton of Moreover.Com was at Davos.

As were the founders of We talked briefly, they said they were doing something different from ThirdVoice. I promised we'd take a look.

A single page with pictures from Saturday's demonstration. The story is told in the DaveNet piece I'm working on.

Hint: Ford should give their employees digital cameras too.

Many thanks to Sam Devore for letting me use his mail server to send out two DaveNets today.

Starting at 10AM in Amsterdam, 1AM in California. I'm going to get a whole day's work in before you guys even wake up. There's an advantage to being European. BTW, today's my last day as a European. I fly to Boston tomorrow. I'll spend much of today finishing my Davos writing (lots of stuff coming) and preparing my talk for Monday.

A slow dialup connection is fine for editing a Manila site, I'm finding. Even picture uploading isn't too torturous.

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