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Frontier server freezing
Posted:2/11/2000; 11:41:20 AM
Topic:Frontier server freezing
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I'm running a Frontier server on a new G4, it's running Frontier 6x and serving through mainResponder. It's not really accesible to the public, it's only used for specialized editing aps I've written to allow certain people on campus to update their webpages (i.e. entering sports scores, submitting press releases, etc).

Yet even though the G4 is brand new and I have the latest version of Frontier, the server still freezes up from time to time, which is a real problem at night when our SID might be trying to update the sports scores and it turns out he won't be able to until I come in in the morning and restart the machine.

I know there are people out there serving sites that are ready by hundreds if not thousands a day using Frontier as their webserver, so this must be possible for me to let a handful of people use it to edit their pages. Anyone have an idea why the server might just decide to freeze up and how to work around it?

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