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Affiliate implementation

Author:Josh Lucas
Posted:2/15/2000; 10:39:28 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/15/00
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On the Weblogs mail list, I posted a message about the future of My.UserLand. "One can easily convert our affiliate software to Perl, Tcl, Java, etc, and we would support that."

BackEnd: My.UserLand XML files and archives. These are the files that the new My.UserLand reads.

When the affiliate2.root code was released back in December, I wrote a Java implementation called, JAffiliate which would go the currentStories.xml file, download it and create the necessary sub-files for the individual syndicate id's. It doesn't use a db to store the info but physical XML files. This will change in the future (or you can change it yourself, since the source is included).

This isn't just a plug since I have a question. Would the service4.xml file be the 'best' place to find out how the id's map to the web sites? If that's not the right place, then I could probably just have a Hashtable created which keeps track of the id and the site name.


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