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scriptingNews outline for 2/15/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/15/2000; 3:10:54 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/15/00
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New Manila feature: HTML Editor for MSIE5/Win users.

This link comes from "Macintouch", and spills the beans on Apple's announcement coming at the Jobs' keynote in Tokyo which started a few minutes ago. (No webcast?) It's a new Powerbook.

EditThisPage.Com: Syndicating Your Site. My.UserLand is healthy again. It's a lot faster than it used to be. Let's use it to glue our community together. It really works.

On the Weblogs mail list, I posted a message about the future of My.UserLand. "One can easily convert our affiliate software to Perl, Tcl, Java, etc, and we would support that."

BackEnd: My.UserLand XML files and archives. These are the files that the new My.UserLand reads.

Suck: "IP is broken, bucko, and there's nothing you can do about it."

A browser-based outliner that works.

News.Com: Intel hits 1.5-GHz mark. "We are entering limited production now (on the 1-GHz Pentium III chips) and will enter volume production in the third quarter this year for performance desktops and low-end servers."

I know most of the people at Eazel, and wish them the best.

Just found out that one of my massage teachers has a beautiful bed and breakfast in Lake County, CA, where they do watsu, shiatsu in water. Very nurturing. Unfortunately my body sinks like a rock! Big bones. So I can only get watsu from very strong people. It's still wonderful.

David Theige: "I'd like to see the BlogThis! functionality in Manila."

Tis the season for seed catalogs at the Iowa Homestead.

Opportunity in Mac Publishing land? Lots of comings and goings at MacWEEK.Com. Meanwhile Macintouch and AppleSurf, and a hundred Mac fan sites keep right on rolling. Maybe the Mac publishing world will be the first to migrate to the How to Make Money formula, where editorial work is distributed to community members and a portal with a big brand-name ties it all together? I'd love to help it happen.

Paul Eliasberg has two pics of an old server he loved.

Andrew Gore: The Secret Mac OS. "But wait–wouldn't that mean Apple would control the world of Mac software distribution (and perhaps software creation), as well as Internet access, e-mail, and even long-term data storage?" Bing!

Register: Gates was a big Mac fan. "Winblad recalls being present with him when Steve Jobs was speaking, and that he had confessed to her: 'Some day I'll be as good a public speaker as he is.'"

Hey, here's a Mahir-wannabe. "I really do need help. I don't want to waste any more time. As you read further, you'll get to learn a great deal about me. When you are done reading everything, if you think you know of someone right now who could be a match for me, no matter where in the world she is at, then I am interested. You're going to be her agent. Do whatever you can to persuade her to give me the chance. And if you really feel strongly about the match, be persistent! Please!"

I recommend Magic FlavorThe girls love it!

Today's featured room: The Guest Bathroom.

South China Morning Post: Hi-tech peeping humiliates victims. "A spycam can even be attached to a voyeur's shoe for the so-called 'upskirt' pictures rife on Peeping Tom sites springing up all over the Web."

Wired: NASA's Erotic Rendezvous. "NASA is proving that long-distance relationships can work, as long as you have the right equipment."

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