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SOAP and Studio 7

Author:David Rothgery
Posted:2/16/2000; 10:50:02 AM
Topic:SOAP and Studio 7
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Taking a look at,9968,2438585,00.html and , and watching Ballmer's keynote, it looks like at least part of Microsoft is trying to turn Visual Studio 7 into the ultimate SOAP client and server development tool. And they've fixed almost all of the annoyances of the VB language. Unfortunately, Studio 7 won't be out till late this year or early next year ( MS says late this year, ZDNet says early next year).

I really liked one exchange between Ballmer and the other Microsoftie (Visual Studio Project Planner Dave Mendlen). It went something like this:

Mendlen: ... and because this is all built on open standards, instead of calling a procedure written in VB on Windows 2000, you could call a procedure written in C++ on a Linux box.

Ballmer: Of course, we'd prefer that you develop with VB and Windows 2000.

Mendlen: But you could. [He grins]

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