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Re: Forms and links

Author:Samuel Reynolds
Posted:2/16/2000; 4:00:19 PM
Topic:Forms and links
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I'd like a user to be able to add a url to a text box on the form that would be a live link when the text is returned.

Unless I'm not understanding what you're doing, it should be pretty simple. In your form handler (script), you'd build the link like this:

   newLink = "
Either that, or add the linkUrl/linkText to a table, and call
a macro from your form page that would build multiple links from
the table:
   pta^.userLinks^.[ argTable.linkUrl ] = argTable.linkText
   on UserLinks(linksTbl=html.getPageTable()^.userLinks)
      local ( outText = "" )
      on Add( s )
         outText = outText + s
      on AddLink( entryAdr )
         Add( "

Hope this helps.

- Sam

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