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Re: Site critique

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/16/2000; 4:59:04 PM
Topic:Site critique
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Powazek tells everyone he's the super designer dude, and he doesn't get the first thing about design.

Design is about making things work for people. The stuff he's done before is just pretty-to-look at, so who cares, it's not worth commenting on. But now he's in a different realm. He's trying to make stuff that's worth using, a whole different ballgame.

I used him as a foil to expose some issues that smart designers, the real kind, should be thinking about now. If he wants to pay attention he can do much better. But I was critiquing for my readers, pay attention guys and gals, see where we came from?

Part of the process of moving forward is giving up the bullshit that he (and others) take so much pride in. Standardized UIs are coming for the web. I am sure of that.

Now, about you, Jeff Cambell, stop trying to edit me. Your last paragraph is disgusting. Have you been listening?

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