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Site critique

Author:Jeff A. Campbell
Posted:2/16/2000; 2:57:53 PM
Topic:Site critique
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I don't think it's necessarily 'tacky' to mention issues about a given site, but on the other hand, I actully like the design of Powazek's site.

It's pleasant to look at, relatively simple to use, and so on. The only suggestion I might have is to make the inner 'window' a bit larger, but I don't have a problem with loading external links in an external window (in fact, I wish more people would do this - that's probably just my browsing habits, though).

I may be a bit blunt in saying this, but my personal preferences would go for the look of this site versus that of However, Dave has more interesting writing, which is why I come here - not for the design. A pretty design is only a small part of the picture, and has much much more.

But Dave, please take it easy on this guy. Your comments did seem a little harsh to me. I'm not sure why, but I kind of got the impression that there's some history going on behind the scenes. Personal web sites are just that - personal - and I can see something like this striking a nerve. Why link to the site if it sucks so much? There are a lot of lame sites out there, why choose this one?

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