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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/17/2000; 3:21:44 AM
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This is a follow-up to Too Many Editors.

At the Seybold live session I found myself describing people who drop invasive editorial "opinions" here as turd-droppers. "I just dropped a big smelly turd in your DG, come admire it," the turd-droppers appear to be saying.

When I say this to people face-to-face, they understand. There's a certain ratio of turds to people who play fair and don't try to edit me, or telling me things they "know" about me that they couldn't possibly know. The vast majority of people who participate here do it with respect. A handful are turdish.

Arguing with them is giving them what they want, so instead I just use my power to delete. When I find myself wanting to say "No, you don't understand me," I just hit the Back button and delete. If I could attach a sound to this it would be the sound of a toilet flushing. When I do this it feels like cleaning up after a sick dog, or taking a dead mouse out to the creek for his or her final journey.

A place to whine

For people who want to complain, we have the perfect place:

And that's where you should go if something "bothers" you or if you know what I "should" do or say.

Go there now and deposit your smelly turds. We can admire them, from a distance.

Thanks for listening.

Another aspect of turd-dropping

The complainers always send email whining "Oh but I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Let it rest. I don't name names in these boundary messages. No one knows who I'm talking about. Enjoy your life, I'll enjoy mine. Take care.

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