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Re: Give Democracy a Chance

Author:Dori Smith
Posted:2/19/2000; 12:15:17 PM
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I do, however, have the need to question whether his statements are reflective of a deep-seated personal belief about Asians and people of Asian descent (whatever the origins of the beliefs). I also have to question whether his experience as a POW could possibly taint his political interactions with Asian heads of state, and Asian Americans, were he to be elected President.

Which is why I mentioned the fact that he'd been in favor of normalizing relations with Vietnam. Particularly in an election year, I pay a lot more attention to what politicians do as opposed to what they say. Working to normalize relations meant, to me, that his hatred of certain people didn't cause him to be prejudiced against the country.

And if he's not prejudiced against the Vietnamese, I doubt that he's going to bear animus against other Asian countries.

I admire his honesty. But if I interpret his statements as a reflection of his character (I'm still undecided), then he won't get my vote, regardless of his level of honesty.

I've already said that there's no chance he'll get my vote in the fall, but his comments in this area aren't the reason why.

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