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scriptingNews outline for 2/20/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/20/2000; 1:00:11 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/20/00
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The Top 100 Sites ranked by Weblogs.Com.

Found another problem! Links of the form weren't being counted. (Note the missing trailing slash.) I just added code that allows these kinds of links to be counted too.

Now that change *did* shake things up. Blogger is now the number one link. Congrats to Pyra!

I expected a skew toward UserLand-hosted sites, but Camworld, Evhead, Robot Wisdom, Kottke, Megnut, and Memepool are in the top 10.

However, #2, #3 and #9 are UserLand sites. ";->"

The list is rebuilt every morning at 2AM Pacific. It shows the most popular 100 links among the 471 sites scanned by Weblogs.Com. The number in the third column is the count of times the URL appeared in single or double-quotes in all the weblogs.

There's no logic or weighting as on Beebo, or any attempt to figure out what's fair, even pointers coming from a site to itself are counted.

Seven sites are pointing to the hotlist.

Jim Roepcke: "This is navel-gazing at it's best.. or, worst!"

A special section on brains

Brain Awareness Week is March 13-19.

Pages about brains: WebMD, Britannica, Dr Koop.

You could buy your brain a present to celebrate Brain Awareness Week. "Your online home for Brains and Brain-Related Products."

A new shortcut that works on all UserLand servers. "brain" generates:


We now resume our regularly scheduled program

Jeremy Bowers has figured out how to use Netscape with Manila Express.

Wes Felter rants back at Bob Frankston. I think I had a dream about this once. You may remember a few years ago when an obscure physicist was experimenting with a crazy new Internet service that no one thought they wanted -- it was called "The World-Wide Web". Right on Wes. Tell it like it is.

Sounds like Visual Basic is becoming Java.

Jakob Nielsen: Loneliness and the Internet.

Dan Gillmor: Platform battles should benefit the consumer.

Dave.EditThisPage.Com: This is a Manila Site.

An Italian review of EditThisPage: "Quanti mantengono un sito sono ben consapevoli delle attenzioni che ciò comporta. La manutenzione è fatta quasi sempre manualmente, con editor e programmi Ftp e i grattacapi non mancano mai, soprattutto quando il numero di pagine da gestire è elevato."

Marc Canter: So many frames, so little time. "With Photoshop or Premiere anybody can make a digital movie today. That power in the hands of the right people - can create a whole new artform - a new way of communicating - and generate loads of new jobs and wealth."

The cowskull debate continues on It's not actually that much of an issue anymore because we allow Manila designers to specify the link-to-DG graphic. This is one of the first things we fixed after shipping Manila in December 1999.

Passionate and personal stories on

A year ago today it was moving day at Sheila's.

Reminder: There's a website just for whining. Wheee!

Shake me quake me.

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