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Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:2/21/2000; 6:16:07 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/21/00
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DCOP sounds nice (reminds me of AppleEvents), but how do I find out what messages I can send to an application? I didn't find any info on

In the old MacFrontier days, I loved the Commercial Developers' Suite, because it could create a (rudimentary) glue for any scriptable app. It's nice that modern RPC systems like XML-RPC and DCOP don't strictly require stubs, but sometimes it would be nice to have them.

(Actually, I realized there are two issues here:
1. Is there a way for a human to figure out what messages an app accepts?
2. Is there a way for a program to figure out what messages an app accepts?
If you have #2, then it's easy to write a script that generates HTML which solves #1.)

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