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Creating steady traffic on a weblog

Author:Oliver Breidenbach
Posted:2/22/2000; 8:55:23 AM
Topic:Creating steady traffic on a weblog
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Hi pros,

since I started The Far Side of My Mind at ETP, I noticed something strange. If I do not flip the home page for some time, the read counter indicates a pick up in reads. Is that a bug, or is there some strange web thing going on?

BTW, for the friends of digital cameras, I put up some new photo stories. One is about my skiing holiday, the other about picturesque alpine village customs. The quality of these cameras is stunning.

Ah, shameless self promotion... :-)

To make this posting worthwhile, here is another question: How do I invoke the story reader instead of the message reader in those links? I know this is a question for ManilaNewbies, but I didn´t want to clutter everything with postings today.



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