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Dual Frames in ETP mode for Manila

Author:mike donellan
Posted:2/24/2000; 1:32:49 PM
Topic:Dual Frames in ETP mode for Manila
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I'm wondering if anyone else has a desire for Manila to open up as a split frame when you hit "Edit This Page", allowing you to make the needed changes to whatever page or preferences you desire, while at the same time being able to see the changes pop up in the *normal* frame when you hit submit? Maybe even just having a *frames mode* as an option would be cool. And I guess you'd have to have a "finished editing" button to close out the edit frame when you're done.

All this stems from the fact that I just about always keep a second window open when editing just for that purpose -- esp. changing my site html or color prefs -- and, like you Dave [and most of us!] have enough windows open already most of the time!

bhb... >:]

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