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Yahoo, Real Networks and AOL's Patents

Author:Lawrence Lee
Posted:2/27/2000; 3:08:54 PM
Topic:Yahoo, Real Networks and AOL's Patents
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US5991756: Information retrieval from hierarchical compound documents


"A search query is applied to documents in a document repository wherein the documents are organized into a hierarchy. A search engine searches the hierarchy to return documents which match a query term either directly or indirectly."

US5983227: Dynamic page generator


US5793980: Audio-on-demand communication system


"An audio-on-demand communication system provides real-time playback of audio data transferred via telephone lines or other communication links. One or more audio servers include memory banks which store compressed audio data."

AOL has 14 patents issued so far... and the rate seems to be spiking up. They've already had four issued in Jan/Feb 2000 when they had nine total in 1999 and one issued in 1998.

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