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scriptingNews outline for 3/6/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/6/2000; 5:49:54 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/6/00
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RCFoC: Our Wireless, Wireless World.

Steve Litt: Outlines, The Do Everything Tool.

Don Box: XML-RPC to SOAP Translator. Woo-Hoo!

I just found out that there's an Apache module for XML-RPC. How is it being used?

More data from log analysis. Last Friday 73,025 out 95,009 page reads on Subhonker1 were not members of the site they were reading. This means they were reading, not writing.

George W. Bush has something he'd like to say to you this evening.

Fortune: New Ethics, or No Ethics?

WebReference: RSS Viewer Applet.

osOpinion: Microsoft Owns the Web. "Netscape's poorly-implemented, non-standard features lost out to Microsoft's poorly-implemented, non-standard features."

March 25: "I want to be able to use elements from community sites in my site. I'd like to be able to connect to the shortcuts table in any site, grab a bit of HTML and have it included in my page. Like NetDyslexia's horse. Or the Zeldman icons. Or James Kirk, the newest addition to the global shortcuts."

Important: I want to audio webcast the March 25 meeting.

My.UserLand.Com: JavaScript Tip of the Day.

Meeting with Jeff Cheney on Saturday was a good thing! I learned that he thought that Pike would not run on the Mac. Not true. Pike will run on the Mac, and will have all the features of Pike for Windows. We punted on browser integration in 1.0. It's difficult for C programs on Windows to do in-app HTML rendering. There's no sample code, and we're running out of time for 1.0. Sorry, I wish it weren't so, because when it happens it will be a killer feature. You'll feel like you're in a browser, but it actually will be an editing and scripting environment with a built-in HTTP server. In 1.0, you'll get all the functionality, but no illusion of being in a browser. There will be a layer switch on both platforms.

User Friendly offers "tough love" for Amazon. Hi Jeff!

More "tough love" for Jeff Bezos from Spencer F. Katt.

Stewart Alsop: "I proposed that if we believe that we citizens of the U.S. can't control or regulate Microsoft's behavior as a monopoly, then let's withdraw government protection of the intellectual property making that monopoly possible."

Yesterday's Manila feature addition, easy entering of relative paths, is just the tip of the iceberg of the next Thrilla. The pipe is filling up again! Here we go.

Newsweek: "Muhammad Ali says his greatest bout was the Thrilla in Manila. But his whole life has been one great fight."

Brent Simmons: "We're working on something very cool right now. Grown men will faint. Women will weep. Children will look up from their TV sets. Cats will talk. Squirrels will ride motorcycles. Dogs will invent a new calculus. Roller coasters will run in reverse. Stars will move in closer to the Earth."

"James Kirk"

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