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Re: Welcome back!

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:3/23/2000; 7:00:46 AM
Topic:Welcome back!
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I don't really understand what the problems were, I'm parroting Steve Martin from Conxion. Apparently there were three problems inside PacBell's cloud -- Steve had technicians at several points in the cloud, plus at least one person from Cisco, in a conference call when the net finally came back last night.

Steve's description of the problems: there was a "bad port"; there was a misconfigured ATM to frame relay translation; there were "bad OAM cells." Perhaps somebody on this discussion group knows better what these things mean.

About the bad OAM cells -- my understanding was that packets are broken down into cells then re-assembled. Apparently our packets could not be re-assembled, as the cells were bad, generating (I think I have this right) bad header information.

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