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Pike Related Syndication Problem?

Author:Mike Jamieson
Posted:3/27/2000; 2:48:28 PM
Topic:Pike Related Syndication Problem?
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I might be on crack but I think there may be a syndication problem happening due to the way Pike creates a blank line. (Totally possible since I'm rather delusional due to my flu medicine..)

If you compare the scriptingnews2.xml file from my site at to the .xml file over at you'll notice that each item on the site is registered as a single item entry with the appropriate markup for links, etc. The file is representing the whole news page with one item entry and the paragraphs seperated by double breaks.

Also, when you view the scriptingnews channel on it only is displaying on bullet for the whole shebang.$747

Anyways, I'm thinking since Dave started using Pike on his site, things don't jive anymore?

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