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Re: homebrew SSL certificates?

Author:Thomas A. Creedon
Posted:3/27/2000; 9:11:20 PM
Topic:IE 5 for Macintosh
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Hey Wesley,

Thanks for the pointer.

So it sounds like some folks getting together in the spirit of open source to create a toolset that does what the big boys (Thawte, RSA) do. Sounds neat. It's a little out of my league as far as programming.

I'd be interested in this from a perspective of a person who wants to run a business and have secure web servers, and perhaps save some buks. With a little work, it looks like users could accept certificates from OpenCA. I'm assuming this is because the big browsers don't currently include OpenCA's certificate authority by default.

VeriSign certificate prices were not outrageous but not at a price that didn't make me think twice! :-) Thawte at about $125 doesn't look bad at all. Of course, free could be very attractive! :-) But I'm concerned about the amount of configuration users would have to do to use OpenCA.


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