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Re: homebrew SSL certificates?

Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:3/28/2000; 9:51:46 PM
Topic:IE 5 for Macintosh
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With a little work, it looks like users could accept certificates from OpenCA. I'm assuming this is because the big browsers don't currently include OpenCA's certificate authority by default.


But I'm concerned about the amount of configuration users would have to do to use OpenCA.

It depends on who you mean by users. If you mean someone who wants to issue certificates, there's a lot of work involved. If you mean a webmaster who just wants a free cert, OpenCA shouldn't be any more difficult than the over CAs. If you mean end users, all they have to do is click the button saying they trust the cert.

The whole VeriSign/Thawte business model comes down to that one click.

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