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Sleep well.

Author:Phil Wolff
Posted:3/28/2000; 5:21:39 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/28/00
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Today I am wiped out. More tired than I remember ever being.

One of the Manilapalooza in-jokes was how little Dave sleeps. Everyone seemed to recall seeing posts or getting instant email replies in the wee hours of the morning. Which raises a few questions for a future Davenet...

- What are your secrets to time management? - How do you avoid burnout in yourself and others? - How many days of real vacation have you taken in the last three years? Enough/too much? - Do you think you are typical of other entrepreneurs at a similar stage in your career/business? - Sustaining a dialog with your public is stressful; suggestions for coping?

Self management is one of those competencies implied in school but rarely taught. Your observations and feeback might be both useful and interesting.

In the mean time, shluft gezundt.

- phil

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