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Pike: It's August in March!

Author:Larry Yudelson
Posted:3/29/2000; 7:28:27 AM
Topic:Pike: It's August in March!
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Remember Byte's August language issues? I remember as a high school kid, wrapping my brain around Pascal and structured programming, Smalltalk and object-orientation, Forth and threading. Reading that issue was an amazing experience -- a whole new paradigm (wrapped withing a wonderful cover) for me to struggle with.

Playing with Pike has brought that feeling back. Edit This Page itself was a wonderful paradigm shift. But Pike -- you're distributing an app which is a Web server which receives RPC calls from a Web server which... my mind is still boggling. I still don't grok it. I'm sure that wiring an outliner (I love outliners; alas for Ecco!) to a Web server (and I love writing for the Web) is only the barest glimmer of this paradigm's potential. Wow!

So thanks, Dave, for giving me a wondeful August headache!

(Memo for cover designer: Two computers in the desert, throwing pikes at each other labeled with xml-rpc code....)

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