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Re: DaveNet on Hiatus

Author:Phil Wolff
Posted:3/29/2000; 3:31:48 PM
Topic:DaveNet on Hiatus
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The time may be past for Dave to write DaveNet; it's Dave's diem to carpe. Do you really think ScriptingNews can replace DaveNet?

DaveNet serves a different audience from ScriptingNews and does different things. It adds perspective from the entrepreneurial trenches. It explains industry politics, social and business implications of technology, public events. It agitates and rocks.

While I like the little bulletins, they're like someone shouting over a cube wall or saying check-it-out at the coffee machine. Terse, immediate, easily scanned.

Not so DaveNets. They often take two or three reads. They make me chuckle or think or act or talk about things with friends and family. Insight amid the turbulence.

I gotta say I've always enjoyed and occasionally been amazed and astounded at the dots Dave connects. There is something for the audience (a different audience?) in a well considered missive. Perhaps a fortnightly digest?

Why not just mail out each day's Scripting News to DaveNet subscribers? Shouldn't be hard to do automatically.

Compiled for the day, the ScriptingNews page competes for attention differently. More like Davenetics and Good Morning Silicon Valley.

Interesting tradeoff, and Dave is not the first to face it: Invest your incremental time in your brand equity (writing, public appearance) or in creating operational results and successes. Both create value and power; both are needed; there is never enough time. Celebrities from all disciplines face this. We rarely read about their making these choices.

- phil []

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