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RE: DaveNet...thank you for it.

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:3/29/2000; 6:49:16 PM
Topic:DaveNet on Hiatus
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The funny thing is, I've only been paying attention to DaveNet for the last year, so as far as I'm concerned you were just getting started!

Well, I can recommend one thing, Michael...if you haven't already done so, start perusing the old DaveNets. Dave points to them occasionally on SN, when they resonate with some new topic (which they often do). Dave was talking about stuff years ago that people are just now picking up on. There's gold in those old DaveNets...

And Dave, sounds like you're thinking over some options, that's great. I hear what you and others are saying; if DaveNet doesn't excite you the way it used to anymore, I'd certainly never want you to continue. But I do hope that you continue to mine the "deep/slow" stream that Michael mentioned; trust me, we like it! *grin*

I'll just take a deep breath, and chant "Shift happens...change is good!" Best wishes!!!

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