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Re: What did you say foo?

Author:Stewart Wolfe
Posted:3/30/2000; 3:48:49 PM
Topic:Link colors
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Top ten flamebait one-liner responses:

  1. use your imagination...
  2. hear what Dave is saying and stop being a dork.
  3. I hope she's a good law student, because you'll never make it as a writer.
  4. sigh...
  5. yes, you are right. Dave wasn't talking about software here. He wasn't using natural, familiar language to illustrate a point. He was deliberately attacking women in general. He hates that sex. Men rule!
  6. Your right, being totally PC makes communication so difficult sometimes.
  7. I agree, Dave you are sexist AND Pike sucks. [dumps plate of food on Dave's head]
  8. Yah, and Dave forgot to mention that she's also not allowed to speak unless spoken too.
  9. You are smart. I think it's because you're a man.
  10. Who's the one with inflexible societal baggage here?

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