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For a limited time, check this out

Author:Kip DeGraaf
Posted:3/31/2000; 10:37:11 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/31/00
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Okay, I dug up an old Palm V, loaded up some stuff from last year, put the HTTPd on it and hooked it up. If you want a good laugh or just want to see what's possible, come visit This Old Palm. I figure this is the best time to do this because most everyone will figure that it's an April Fool's joke and thus I won't get Slashdotted.

It's on a 19200 baud PPP link tied to a 128K ISDN. There's not a lot of stuff there so it shouldn't be too bad.

Have questions? Ask away.

As to what one could do with a real HTTP server on a Palm? Dave's got some great ideas, personally I could see it being used someday as a personal portable webcam. Yes you could probably do this more easily with a Windows CE device but the point here was that these little PalmPilots can do nearly anything if someone puts their mind to it.

Oh, one more idea. People whom I authorize would not have to wait to see my schedule come out of Outlook. They could query my Palm directly and perhaps even request appointments on the spot. Hmmm, I've got to think about this some more. I have one of those CDPD modems for my other Palm Vx that could be rather interesting. More later.

PS, in case DNS didn't update all over, try this instead.

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