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Pike->Zope through XML-RPC

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:4/1/2000; 6:22:47 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/31/00
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I'd suggest first make Pike connect to Zope through XML-RPC.

Cool! When I saw your comment the other day on SN RE: wild-ass Pike development (saying it was OK), I thought "excellent"!! Now I guess I'll have to download the Pike demo and start dinking with it. When I read the originally read the Pike announcement, and it kept saying, "you must have a Manila server, etc.", I was bummin'. I don't run Manila, but I do run Zope, perl-based XML-RPC servers, yada yada. So this looks way interesting. Anytime a cool tool comes out, I'm up for checking into it...gotta go get me a Pikebeta here real quick!! *grin*

I agree that creating a "Pike-mode interface" for/in Zope makes sense. Similar (in spirit at least) to the weblog component Squishdot, though at a much deeper level (far beyond simple look and feel).

BTW, Dave, have you seen/read anything about the Zope Mozilla Initiative? The goal seems to be to use XML, XUL, and RDF to script Mozilla's UI into Zope's "next-generation" content management system. Jon Udell has a good high-level article at Byte.

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